Fluidity team

Francesca Brambilla
Francesca Brambilla
curator/project management

Training: degree in Accademia Belle Arte of Brera, master in art management
Qualification: journalist and expert in modern and contemporary art
Definition: actively
Emotion: feel
Exclamation: porcaccia!
Colour: black and white
Passion: what I do
Flaw: hardheaded
Particular signs: freckles
Phrase: …maybe not!
Virtue: fortitudo
Favorite quote: There are many ways to arrive. The best one is to start.
Verb: do!

Francesca Venini
Francesca Venini
Jr curator

Training: degree in art heritage and markets – IULM
Qualification: event management, communication
Definition: let’s get enthused!
Emotion: get better
Exclamation: “in quotes”
Colour: black
Passion: create
Flaw: stubborn
Particular signs: long hair
Phrase: … carpe diem
Virtue: I’m a good listener
Favorite quote: we are made of the same stuff that dreams are made of (W. Shakespeare)
Verb: smile

Francesca Losi
Francesca Losi
journalist and PR officer

Training: “liceo classic”, degree in modern literature
Qualification: journalist and PR officer
Definition: steadily
Emotion: understand
Exclamation: tanta roba
Colour: red, but just for the nail polish
Passion: write
Flaw: flaw?
Particular signs: dimple on the cheek
Phrase: life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans
Virtue: I’m always smiling (…so they say)
Favorite quote: go on in what you have begun, so that you can reach the top, or at least you will arrive high, where only you know it is not the top.
Verb: discover

Davide Airoldi
Davide Airoldi
not only a designer

Training: degree in product design and innovation
Qualification: designer
Definition: tonic, but for the costume fitting I’m working on it
Emotion: spontaneity
Exclamation: what a bad thing!
Colour: the most brilliant, yellow lemon
Passion: paint
Flaw: “lightly” anxious
Particular signs: dashes (ID card says so)
Phrase: (???)
Virtue: workaholic
Favorite quote: if you can imagine something, you can create it
Verb: create

Mariangela Tentori
Mariangela Tentori
graphic & web designer

Training: “liceo classico”, the European Design Institute IED
Qualification: graphic designer, publisher, layout artist of books, brochure, catalogues
Definition: rigorously creative
Emotion: satisfaction
Exclamation: what a difficult life!
Colour: everyone, no one excluded
Passion: I like working
Flaw: inflexibility
Particular signs: strawberry-shaped birthmark
Phrase: just try
Virtue: rely on me
Favorite quote: luck doesn’t exist. There is only the moment when talent meets opportunity (Seneca)
Verb: understand

pet therapy team

Training: Francesca’s School
Qualification: pet therapy team
Definition: pumpkin
Emotion: stay together
Exclamation: bau!
Colour: apricot
Passion: sleeping on beds and sofas
Flaw: I’m a poodle!
Particular signs: fluffiness
Virtue: patience
Favorite quote: squish me with cuddles and kisses
Verb: play